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Mining equipment: Spare parts for machine drilling sharoshechnye SBSh 250

Move tracked
The front and rear bogies of the tension and the drive wheels are reinforced and made ​​in the form of self-cleaning. The new design will extend the life supporting rollers, rockers, driving and driven wheels, track links on average by 30%.

Designed to hold the rod on the axis of the drilling during fastening and discrediting the rods, as well as supporting the extraction and installation of the separator another rod with directional drilling

Designed for storage of rods and supply them to the drilling axis in the process of building the drill string or a fence with their axis drilling after the drilling of the well.

The drill head (without motor)
Serves to transmit torque from the gear rotation through the coupling Shino-toothed to the drill rod is formed as a single unit.

Node reference
Designed to transmit an axial force and torque on bit during drilling, as well as supplying an air-water mixture to cool the bit and hole cleaning of drill cuttings.

The mechanism of coupling and uncoupling
Designed to replace the drill string make-up, debunking rods and replacement roller cone bit.

Reducer progress TS4-390 150.10.0199
Designed to transmit torque from the engine to turn the drive wheel driving a crawler.

Is designed to transmit torque from the electric motor to the support unit.

Key top
Intended for holding the rod adapter or support unit at debunking them from each other and the adapter when loosening rock bit.

Wheel drive
Serves to transmit torque from the gear to turn the tape gusinichnye.

Top separator
Designed to capture and separation of the drill rod from the total set.

The frame of the engine room 086-02.01.0000
Designed as a frame structure is the foundation for mounting units and serves as the engine room cabin attendants.

Coupling tire-toothed
Transmits the torque from the gearbox to the support assembly, protects the gearbox with an electric motor from shocks and vibrations that occur during drilling.

Feed cylinder 86.55.4000a (86.55.4000F-1)
Included in the feeder drill string and is intended for drilling operations and support operations.


Name of product Number of Drawing
Rocker (Heavy)
Pinion shaft
The top of the separator
The drill head (without motor)
Track link 187.01.0011.00
Key top
Wheel drive
Gear wheelА
Gear housing
Tape caterpillar (36 units)
Tap 086Ю.06.000А
Tap 091Ю.06.000
The mechanism of coupling and uncoupling
Gear couplings
Bottom of the separator
Half-coupling gear
Reducer 150.10.0199-02
Reducer 150.10.0199-03
Separator whith ZIP
Node reference
Cylinder lowering of the mastК
The feed cylinder 86.55.4000А
The feed cylinder 86.55.4000А-01


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