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               Modern development of centrifugal casting is characterized by a wide variety of parts that became available from the centrifugal method. Not only the details of shaped bodies of revolution, but any complex shaped profile produced by centrifugal casting. Currently in the art of centrifugal casting process developed a number of schemes by which it became possible to produce castings of different shaped profile.

                 Centrifugal casting, making casting in metal molds, in which molten metal is exposed to centrifugal forces. Cast metal dropped to the mold and hardens, forming casting.

                 This casting method is widely distributed in the industry in the preparation of hollow castings with a free surface - of cast iron and steel pipes, rings, bushings, shells and so on. Claim. Depending on the position of the axis of rotation forms distinguish horizontal and vertical centrifugal casting machine.

                 All machines are supplied by our company have a system of governance, which in turn consists of a control box, frequency control, electronic center of low pressure, buttons, lamps and other display items. The electronic control system has two ways: manual and semi-automatic. While adjusting the speed of solidification and other parameters may change according to your process. The control system has an improved locking system overload sieve overflow of metal and other security measures in accordance with TB.

Centrifugal casting machines with horizontal axis

Centrifugal machine with a horizontal axis of rotation intended for centrifugally casting pipe bushings, rings, wheels of copper and iron alloys.




Upon receipt of castings for machines with vertical axis of rotation of the bucket metal poured into a mold, mounted on a spindle, which is reproduced in rotation of the motor. Centrifugal force presses the side of the cylindrical metal wall. Form rotates until complete solidification of the metal, after which it is stopped and the cast recovered. Centrifugal casting machines with vertical axis of rotation are supplied without ejector.

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