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Mining excavator EKG-5

Mining Equipment: Excavators Crawler EKG-5A, EKG-8

Excavators are designed to develop and loading vehicles minerals and overburden in open pit mines, for stacking and for pogruzochnyhrabot warehouses. Excavators with extended work equipment can be used for excavating trenches pioneer, as well as the loading of vehicles located on the overlying horizons.

Excavators provide high performance, have good maneuverability, easy to operate and maintain. Modern design and high-strength materials used in excavators, provide reliable operation in any climatic conditions. Raised above the body's cab provides good visibility during operation. The cabin is spacious, sealed, equipped with heating, air conditioning, ventilation and heating of glass, antivibration chair.

Excavator equipped with modern electronic control system based on thyristor converters, providing independent stepless adjustment of the main drives and the formation of the optimal static and dynamic characteristics of the scheme "generatordvigatel." The control system is equipped with the necessary locks to ensure safe and reliable operation of the excavator. Block execution converters facilitate fault detection and repair.


Name of product Number of drowing Appointment
Track link 3502.05.03.001 EKG - 8
Track link 1080.34.01 EKG - 5
Tooth bucket EKG - 8
Tooth bucket 1080.02.211к-01 EKG - 5
Tape caterpillar (36 units) 1001.38.01-1000А EKG - 5
Gear kremalernaya 1080.55.306 EKG - 5

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