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Details groundwater pumps
Railway carriage castings
Steel and iron castings
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Our projects

1) 2010-2011 year: The first phase of the complex foundry technology chemically hardening mixtures.

2) 2011-2013 year: Mastering casting parts for pumps groundwater from durable cast iron and steel machining.

3) 2011-2014 year: Development and implementation of the program "Database specifications of the machines, components, parts."

4) 2012-2013 year: The second phase of the foundry complex technology air pulse-forming machine in sand-clay mixture.

5) 2012-2013 year: Preparation of the enterprise and certification of quality management system according to ISO-9001 standard.

6) 2012-2015 year: Modernization of the main products - casting machines.

7) 2013-2014 year: Mastering the production of passenger elevators licensed RUE "Mogilevliftmash" (Belarus).

8) 2013-2015 year: The production of components for railway rolling stock (wagon casting).

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